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The Award-Winning Eyeshadow You Need in 2020

Detoxing your makeup bag for the new year? This fruit pigmented® eyeshadow might be your new obsession

Written by: 100% PURE ®

Are you gazing into the new year with that same old pigment on your lids? More importantly, does that eyeshadow deserve a spot in your 2020 makeup bag?

January is when you look forward to new possibilities and exciting adventures ahead, while also celebrating what you achieved the previous year. So of course, when we heard that Allure was crushing on a certain fruit pigmented eyeshadow (spoiler alert – it’s one of our very own) we had to sing it from the rooftops.

Our fave Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadows won top marks from Allure as one of the Best in Green Beauty for makeup. Our win in their Reader’s Choice poll for Natural Beauty was even sweeter, because it was everyday makeup lovers who voted our eyeshadows as the best in the biz!

Clean beauty goals, more ethical shopping aspirations, and improved health & wellness overall is a top focus right now. If you’re in the same boat, listen up: these award-winning shadows will fit right in with any clean beauty plans you might be making. We’re ready to spill on what makes these shadows clean, super pigmented, and amazingly award-winning!

What does it mean for a beauty product to be “fruit pigmented”? When we developed our Fruit Pigmented® Eyeshadow line, it stemmed from the desire to see more plant-based products and natural ingredients in the makeup market.

When we thought about ways to color our products, fruits were an instant YES. Some of our biggest sources of antioxidants and skin-protecting vitamins come from sweet, succulent little fruits. We wanted to create what Allure now describes as, “gossamer fine… long lasting hue from fruit pigment,” that packs a punch of color right onto your lids.

If we could dream up our perfect eyeshadow, it would offer: green ingredients, a variety of shades from matte to metallic, buildable coverage for easy application, and an easy-to-apply formula. Well we did better than dream – we made it happen.

Shadow brushes
Vitamin-Infused, Super Pigmented Eyeshadow Shades

Want to know more about the fruits that make this super pigmented eyeshadow an award-winner? Here’s a cheat sheet that details the precise vitamin and nutrient benefits you’ll be getting from this groundbreaking formula:

Vitamin A
Carrots, apricots, blueberries, and peaches are a few of the vitamin A-rich ingredients found in our fruit pigmented eyeshadows. In this case, the A spells anti-aging power. While it works to keep us extra hydrated, it also helps stimulate the growth of firm tissue below the surface resulting in supple, lifted skin.

Vitamin C
At this point, vitamin C is skin care royalty; it brightens the complexion, supports collagen production, and counteracts UV damage. If you’re already a champion of vitamin C, you’ll be happy to find the peach, raspberries, apricot, papaya, blueberries, and tomato in our Fruit Pigmented® Eyeshadow formula – all sources of vitamin C. This vitamin keeps our delicate eyelid area in tip-top shape.

A big name in anti-aging, you’d never know this skin healthy benefit was hiding in a beautiful eyeshadow, and not just from a single source. Resveratrol is most commonly sourced from red wine grapes, but in our super pigmented eyeshadow formula you’ll also find this nutrient in blueberries and cocoa to calm, brighten, and tone the skin.

Here’s one that’s not so much a nutrient as it is a cleaner, safer alternative than some of the sparkly glitters you’ll see in mainstream beauty. Mica is a natural mineral that looks like unicorn heaven – shimmery doesn’t begin to cover it. Since it’s skin-safe, we figured what better way to add glow and sparkle to our products? It can add more vibrancy and dimension while omitting synthetics, plastics, and toxic byproducts.

Key ingredients
Clean Ingredient Chemistry

Nearly the full spectrum of vitamin benefits is represented in the vibrant assortment of fruits, vegetables, and minerals that we include in our fruit pigmented eyeshadow formula. Alas, we can’t forget to celebrate some of the ingredients that are working to enhance the color while also benefiting our skin.

One of the base ingredients is rice starch – an ingredient we’re a little bit obsessed with when it comes to clean beauty products. We discovered that rice starch provides solid health benefits for the skin, contributing to cell growth and younger looking skin. Helping to fight inflammation, consistent use of this beauty ingredient can also promote a clearer complexion and luminous glow.

As Allure mentioned, our Fruit Pigmented® Eyeshadows are as soft as a baby’s bottom, in part thanks to the inclusion of certain butters. Both avocado butter and cocoa butter are included for a smooth, rich texture. They also contribute to amazing color payoff while softening and hydrating thirsty skin around the eye.

Vitamin E is our last highlighted ingredient, but we certainly wouldn’t call it the least important. Since our eyelid skin can be extra thin and delicate, including vitamin E makes all the difference. Hydrating, smoothing, and protective, we hope you feel the reparative benefits of this skin happy vitamin hiding in your makeup.

Award-Winning Performance for Everyday Looks

Getting cute with these fruits can be as easy as a snap, and we’d like to think that’s in part due to the natural pigmentation. Allure gushed, “these powders are as smooth as the avocado butter that goes into them.” We couldn’t agree more!

Let’s say you want to rock a wash of warm color, or create a 2-tone smokey eye – we’ll give you a quick 101 on using natural pigments in your eyeshadow look. Hint: it’s the same as your regular eyeshadow shades – minus the risk of eye irritation or heavy metal dyes!

Single Color Statement
A single wash of color is an underrated strategy that can warm up your skin tone, bring a soft smolder to eyes, or add elegance to your everyday makeup look with minimal effort. Fruit pigmented® shades that make a good fit for this low maintenance look include: Bronze Gold for deep skin tones, Gilded for golden and medium skin tones, and Star Bright for fair skin tones.

For best results, easily dip into the shadow with a clean, dry finger and sweep gently across the eyelid until you’ve built your desired color intensity. Then buff along the edges with a clean and fluffy eyeshadow brush until you have a soft blur.

Standard Smokey Eye
We think we’ve mastered the easy smokey eye in just two shades, so we hope you have a mirror handy to try it with us! Take a flat shader brush and pick up a generous amount of our FP eyeshadow in color Flax Seed, pressing it all over the mobile lid and into the crease. Use the flat tip of this brush to also drag the shade along the lower lash line.

To bring the drama, using the same bright lightly press Mink into the crease, along the outer V of the eye, and very close to the upper and lower lashes. We love the mauve tones of this duo: perfect for pastries to parties, this natural makeup look has become our go-to in a pinch.

Everyday Ice Queen
As lovers of a soft shimmery eye look, it can be intimidating to try something different – but this collection makes it easy. For an effortless cool-toned look, use a smudger brush to work Fig into the upper and lower lash lines, then accent the inner corner with Star Bright. The pale gold pop balances the tones, flatters the eyes, but still gives us the edge and mega sex appeal with the smoldering grey of Fig.

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