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3 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner

A quick guide to cycling white liner into your beauty bag

Written by: 100% PURE ®

White eyeliner is one of those makeup staples that’s simple enough to overlook, and yet totally intimidating.

In a world of vibrant palettes, white poses a stark contrast to conventional eye makeup. Yet we know all too well from contour and highlighting methods that just a little bit of lightness can make a huge difference in your complexion – as subtle as it may seem at first glance.

Is this little-known hero a member of your makeup bag? If you’re new to the white eyeliner game, we’ll debrief you on why this simple tool should be a staple in your makeup kit!

Where to Begin

Mastering white eyeliner is more attainable than ever with the use of our Bright Eyes Creamy Long Last Liner, which is formulated with nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter. As with all of our products, we make sure that our eyeliner is free of parabens, phthalates, and talc.

While you may already know how to make your eyes appear larger, there are a few more ways to achieve a subtle, yet striking look with white eyeliner.

Creamy LL white liner
#1: Refreshed and Romantic

Let’s start with something that’s simple, sweet, and flattering for every eye shape.

To really open the eyes, glide a white eyeliner pencil along the waterline. This will exaggerate the whites of the eyes, making them appear larger and more awake. This alone is a great trick for those mornings where you need to look a bit more well-rested than you really feel!

You can also use the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop. Take some of our Fruit Pigmented® Eye Shadow in Star Bright, and apply it along the inner V with a small, fluffy brush. From the inner corners, spread the eyeshadow so that it softly diffuses toward the middle of the lid. Clean fingers will also work with this silky pressed pigment; just make sure to always be gentle around the delicate eye area.

This white eyeliner method is not just a one and done for tired eyes – it also works as a versatile complement to any eye shadow look. Whether worn on its own to give a fresh appearance, with a warm copper palette, or even with more vibrant hues, white eyeliner plays nice with any look.

Girl white liner
#2: Winged White Cat Eye

If you’re familiar with creating the classic flick of this timeless look with black eyeliner, white liner will be a cinch! However, the trick to this look is to make sure that your eyeliner pencil is freshly sharpened.

There are many alleged tried and true methods when it comes to the cat eye look, but the way we recommend is by starting from the outer corner of your eye. Slowly trace your upper lash line in gentle, sketching strokes, following until your pencil reaches the inner corner of the eye. From the outer corner again, sketch a diagonal line up towards the end of your brow as far as you see fit (the longer, the more drama). Next, connect a straight line from this tip to the middle of your eyelid. Gently fill in with pigment from your pencil.

For a more dramatic effect, you can outline the white eyeliner with a line of super-fine liquid black liner, like our Long Last Liquid Eyeliner. If you do add this extra feature, make sure to keep the line form the black eyeliner as tight as possible, keeping it close to the lashline. This way, your lashes will look darker and your white eyeliner will still get the attention it deserves.

#3: Graphic Eyeliner

This look is all about using white eyeliner to create an eye that’s dramatic and modern, while still clean and elegant.

Starting between the crease and brow, create a curved line with your eyeliner pencil that follows the curve of your crease (and top line of your eye). Make sure that you keep the muscles of your eye relaxed as you do so; if any shaky or jerky strokes occur, simply clean up mistakes with a q-tip and micellar water.

Next, carefully trace the inner V of the eye with the liner; the top of the V should disappear into the upper lash line, and bring out the bottom line slightly along the lower lashes. Finish off this eyeliner look with a “hollow” cat wing tip at the outer V, making a traditional cat wing without filling it in. If desired, you can even create exaggerated lower eyelashes with the eyeliner.

If needed, clean up the look with a cotton swab or, for more precision, the use of our cruelty-free brush. This look can be worn by itself, layered over a nude makeup look, or paired with a more intense smokey eye.

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