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How to: Highlight & Glow

Learn how to achieve a flawless glow with your makeup routine

Written by: 100% PURE®
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We all dream of having that flawless, glowing skin–and there are mornings when we wake up looking and feeling especially radiant.

But of course, there are those mornings when we experience a little bit of dullness, or perhaps we’re going through a breakout, or we’re recovering from irritation.

For those days when your glow could use a little boost, we have the perfect makeup glow tutorial for you.

And best of all, every product we use will help your skin’s natural radiance in the long run!

Prep Skin With Luminous Primer

Before we grab the highlighter, it’s actually important that we first pull out a good primer.


Primers keep your makeup glow better-looking and longer-lasting, whether it’s for eye makeup, foundation, or even a glowy highlighter look.

Acting much like an IRL facetune, primers will fill in creases and pores to create a smoothing effect, which in turn will make your look significantly more vibrant–perfect for when you want that fresh glowy look.

Primers come in a wide range of different formulas to suit different skin types, but as a rule of thumb, we say skip the silicone.

Many primers are formulated with silicone, because it’s great for creating that smoothing effect. However, the problem with silicone is that it acts like an airtight seal on your skin–an unbreathable one, at that.

Instead, stick with primers that make your skin pop, naturally.

For instance, our Luminous Primer is a silicone-free, plant-based formula that helps the skin in two ways: it creates an instant, temporary makeup glow, and it also boosts your skin’s vibrance over time with a punch of antioxidants. Made with anti-aging resveratrol, nourishing vitamin E, and intensely hydrating aloe.

Foundation and Concealer

Now, it’s time to create that base for your luminous look, with the help of foundation.

Even more so than primers, there are endless options when it comes to a formula’s overage and finish. And while it’s important that your makeup works to help you feel your best in your own skin, we encourage you to use a lighter-coverage foundation for this look.

Many of the medium and high-coverage formulas tend to have a matte finish, which not only defeats the purpose of the look, but also runs the risk of caking at the end of the day.

For a clean and clear makeup glow, opt for something with light coverage, such as a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Next, it’s time to add concealer.

However, concealer in this look isn’t just to correct; we’re also creating the base of where our highlighter goes.

Back in the 2010’s, the look with concealer was a full beatdown: triangles under the eyes, set with a generous amount of powder.

Now, concealer application is all about lifting and highlighting the face, starting with just a touch of it on the inner and outer corners with the eyes, and along the raised parts of your face including the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, and orbital bones around your eyes.

To create that clean, naturally glowy look, we like to use our Fruit Pigmented® 2nd Skin Concealer.

This silky formula perfects your skin’s natural radiance with fruit pigments, while olive squalane provides your skin with the perfect amount of moisture. Effortlessly blendable with buildable coverage, this silky concealer gives you a soft satin finish that looks and feels like a second skin, while providing the perfect coverage.

Once you’ve concealed and lifted, go back over those raised parts of the face with a liquid or cream highlighter, such as our Luminating Creme.

This is a multitasking liquid highlighter that hydrates with aloe, while nourishing the skin with argan oil and pomegranate oil for anti-wrinkle benefits.

Powder and Highlight

Now, it’s time to strobe and set, with your favorite powder highlighter.

This may seem a little redundant–after all, we just added highlighter already!

But what many don’t know is that a powder highlighter is the key to a flawless finish that will help your makeup glow for longer. Much like a setting powder keeps your foundation or concealer in place, a powder highlighter will set the makeup without diminishing its luminescence. On top of that, you’re making your makeup glow extra vibrant and pearlescent.

That being said, make sure to choose a highlighter that works with your skin tone. For light skin, stick with pearly, silvery cool tones, like our Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer’s shade, Moonstone Glow. For olive-toned skin, try a golden highlighter such as our shade, Copper Glow. Then, those with deep skin tones look the most stunning in rosy-hued tones such as Pink Gold Taffeta.

With our Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer, we like to take a small powder brush and highlight the areas on our face that catch the most light. Since we already went over these spots with the liquid highlighter, this step is as simple as gliding your brush over the spots that already shimmer.

Top it Off!

Now, at this point you can certainly call it done.

But if you want to take this look the extra mile and really make it pop, we seriously encourage a little chest contouring–specifically around the shoulders and collarbone.

The collarbone is truly an underrated feature, and highlighting it can actually accentuate and help draw attention to this stunning glowy look you’ve worked so hard on.

And when you’re wearing a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder shirt—it’s summer, after all—topping off your collarbone and shoulders with highlighter will emphasize your overall look.

Before reaching for that highlighter again, we recommend a little contouring, first. Don’t worry–this is nothing crazy, just a little bit of bronzing on the outline of your collarbone. Just make sure not to apply directly on top, since this is where the highlighter goes.

Once you’ve completed your contour, finish off your look with a highlighter–preferably one that’s formulated for the body, like our All Over Glow, which is made with skin-refreshing aloe, which features anti-aging coffee cherry, and moisturizing pomegranate oil. Infused with light-reflective gold and bronze mineral pigments, this ultra lightweight liquid bronzer is designed to give skin a subtle, sun-kissed glow.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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