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How to compliment your signature beauty look with the right eyebrow makeup!

 Written by: 100% PURE®

Hey there, just brows-ing around? Shopping for eyebrow makeup is no small feat. Are you wondering if there are beauty solutions to your eyebrow woes? We have a roster of easy-to-use tools to suit every brow type, hair color, and shape goal. We can appreciate the fun and dedication that goes into a makeup hunt as much as the next beauty lover, but we’d rather make it easy for you.

Have you ever stopped to consider which brow products you might be missing, to enhance your eyebrow routine? Here’s a hint: you may not be using the right type of eyebrow makeup for your needs. Get the scoop below on stepping up your brow routine!

Natural Eyebrow Makeup 101

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

Everyone loves an easy to use, portable, swipe-on brow enhancement – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from our Fiber Brow Builder! Made with high quality nourishing ingredients, this brow builder work to enhance existing brow strands, but it can help fill in sparseness over time with consistent use by boosting growth and brow strand thickness.

The built-in spoolie comes with a miniature corkscrew shape and compact size, to help get right up against the skin without exerting too much pressure or smudging. The wand size is also perfect for evenly distributing pigment and coating each individual brow hair to create instantly thicker looking brows.

What makes up the fibers in this brow tint? The answer is found in green tea leaves. In a steaming cup of water they taste great and provide us with healthy antioxidants, but ground into our brow builder formula they work serious beauty wonders. They can replicate the delicate size and shape of each hair, without feeling stiff or sticky, or looking unnatural on the skin.

This brow gel is lightweight and buildable, with a colored base that works with your natural brow color rather than coloring your brow in for you. The fibers work great to add volume all over or thicken brows through those sparse areas that tend to develop from the ‘start’ of the brow on through the middle to the arch. This product can be used alone for a quick polished brow on the go or layered over a pencil or microblading for your desired look.

Long Last Brows Brow Gel + Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush

While some of us prefer the ease of a brow tint and the fresh, youthful look of a bushy brow, others may prefer a classic sharp, structured look. You know, something with a little more substance, that doesn’t focus on hair as much as shape. This gel-brush combo gives you exactly that, with more creative control to create the brow shape and density that you desire.

Instead of stiff and heavy pomade, our Long Last Brow gel is smoother, just as rich in pigment and easier to build up to your desired opacity. Skip out on unknown chemicals coloring your brow products and opt instead go for clean formulas. This brow gel uses antioxidant rich cocoa, hair restorative coffee and a blend of soothing herbs that treat brow hair follicles for improved brow hair behavior.

When it comes to the brush, honestly prepare to fall in love. The mini spoolie on one end is similar to our brow builder in size and performance. It gets right to work detangling brow hairs, gracefully evening out clumps or dark spots, and effortlessly shaping brow strands for a perfectly groomed eyebrow. The angled brush is slender enough to mimic the arched shape of a single strand of hair, but also sharply angled with a wide enough stroke to swiftly fill in the start of the brows toward the center of the face.

Matching the Right Eyebrow Makeup to Your Beauty Look

One of the topics not addressed enough is that not all brow ‘styles’ fit all eye/ eye shadow looks. Take for example a pale smoky eye in shades of lilac or mauve. What kind of brow are you expecting to see here? Most likely a soft, feathery brow that focuses on featuring brow hair. Other looks might perhaps include a very shapely retro-esque brow, or even a soft gradient Instagram brow. But is a haphazard brow what you had in mind for this delicate spring eye look? Probably not.

Our point? That you should always be strategic about which products you choose to compliment your desired beauty look. Here’s a rough rule guide for using eyebrow makeup to create brow combos that work best:

Dark colors on the eyes = softer brows

Use Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

  • This includes winged liner, smoky eyes, halo eyes, and grunge looks.

Neutral shadows and softer looks = fuller brows

Use Long Last Brows + Dual Ended Brush

  • Create statement and definition to avoid the eyes looking dull or falling flat! A feathery brow works great here, or a sharper arch for feminine flair.

Soft washes of color and metallics = flexible brows

Mix it up or layer brow products for your desired look!

  • If you prefer a soft, clean eye with just concealer, a wash of your favorite shade or a pop of flattering metallic for some interest, let your brow be the perfect pair with equal polish for an overall balanced look.

Nude eyes and long lashes = fuller brows

Use Long Last Brows + Dual Ended Brush + Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

  • Since the eyes really have the power to make us look awake (or in our case, asleep), it’s important to provide some definition in the way of brows if you are skipping eye makeup. A pop of long, luscious lashes will compliment your full ‘power brow’ and make you look fresh faced and young.

Catch up on your brow basics with these stellar makeup guides:

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